Legal centre for the protection of human rights and environment

Professional legal support to individuals, vulnerable groups and non-governmental organization in exercising and protecting their rights and strengthening their position in the society.

Activitieslegal assistance, advocacy, informing, training, encouraging civil dialogue national and international projects, involvement in policy-making and decision-making processes.

PIC is participating in decision-making processes, working bodies, committees, networks and forums, in order to advance the position of non-governmental organizations in Slovenia and increase their influence on decision-making. We endeavor towards strengthening the integrity in the non-governmental sector and advocate transparent and responsible activity on all levels of the social system.

We are encouraging socially responsible and active citizenship.


  • protection from discrimination
  • realization of the gender equality principle
  • protection of vulnerable groups (persons with disabilities, victims of family violence, victims of human trafficking, the elderly…)
  •  protection of asylum applicants, refugees, foreigners, migrants

The main goal of PIC’s operation is protection of fundamental human rights and freedoms and endeavoring for the rule of law, social state and democracy.

We provide various types of legal protection of human rights and intervene in cases of threats to fundamental freedoms.

Vulnerable groups…

We support and defend marginal and vulnerable groups and contribute to the improvement of their position. We detect their problems and violations of their rights and within the framework of legally admissible means call attention to them and react by:

  • offering various recommendations,
  • filing initiatives,
  • filing legal remedies and
  • proposing the adoption/amendment of legislation.

We offer legal support to non-governmental organizations that work with vulnerable groups and together with them offer aid to vulnerable persons.

Foreigners, refugees, migrants, asylum applicants…

In the framework of the law on foreigners and international protection we offer legal counseling and informing regarding managing of their status, protection and their access to social, economic and other rights.

Persons with disability…

We endeavor for:

  • non-discriminatory treatment of persons with disabilities,
  • systemic improvements of the position of persons with disabilities,
  • inclusion of persons with disabilities in all areas of social life and
  • protection and implementation of the existing rights of persons with disabilities.


  • effective legal protection of the environment
  • legal protection of sustainable and inclusive spatial management

We endeavor for:

  • strengthening of the influence of non-governmental organizations in the field,
  • effective protection of rights,
  • active participation in decision-making processes,
  • simpler and clearer legislation and
  • awareness-raising towards legislation changes.

Our activities include informing, legal counseling, training and research in support of non-governmental organizations and civil initiatives in the field.

We actively cooperate by providing comments and recommendations during the adoption of important laws and strategic documents in the field of environmental protection and spatial management and propose systemic changes in particular towards a better inclusion of the public in decision-making processes and improvements of access to effective legal remedies.

PIC has the official status of an organization working in the public interest in the field of environmental protection pursuant to the Environment Protection Act.

Volunteer work
We offer practical legal experience to students of law in the framework of the volunteer program, legal clinics and summer schools.